Shadow on the Wall

“There are times, Catarina, when I find myself transfixed by a shadow on the wall, or the splashing of water on a stone. I stare at it, the hours pass. The world around me drops away, replaced by worlds being created and destroyed by my imagination.”
Leonardo da Vinci hologram
Star Trek: Voyager, “Scorpion, Part 1”

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Star Trek Voyager 4x19 Killing Game Pt. 2


Star Trek Voyager 4x19 Killing Game Pt. 2

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Star Trek Voyager 7x24 Endgame 

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Another favourite storyline of Voyager - Tom helping/forcing B’Elanna to be comfortable about herself and her heritage.

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OMG TOM, You act like such a sleazy guy but really you’re super respectful of women. You didn’t go after Kes, because you knew she was in love with Neelix, and you won’t have sex with B’elanna when she’s in Pon Farr because you don’t think she is capable of consenting. YOU ARE THE BEST!

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Tom Paris is the best fitting person to replace Kes as medical officer?!?!?!???
By which factors was that decided?!?
And he is needed on the Bridge, isnt he??(well, of course Not always, but still what in case of an emergency when he is needed on the Bridge and then no one is in the stickman to help the doc)
Sry, but this seems highly illogical to me….

Kes was actually Tom’s replacement in Sick Bay. Tom was assigned to be a medic on Voyager because he had taken two semesters of biochemistry while attending Starfleet Academy. While I personally find it hard to believe that two semesters made him the most qualified replacement medic out of everyone on the entire ship, that’s what the show gives us.The Doctor offers to train Kes for the position after the Vidiians steal Neelix’s lungs. So, it actually does make sense that Tom would have to return to the position after Kes leaves.

The real question is: why didn’t the doctor train another replacement with or after Kes, since Paris is not an ideal medic?

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The best pilot in Starfleet, everybody.


The best pilot in Starfleet, everybody.

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