Shadow on the Wall

“There are times, Catarina, when I find myself transfixed by a shadow on the wall, or the splashing of water on a stone. I stare at it, the hours pass. The world around me drops away, replaced by worlds being created and destroyed by my imagination.”
Leonardo da Vinci hologram
Star Trek: Voyager, “Scorpion, Part 1”

A little bit about me: My name's Denise. I'm a college student, majoring in theater. Ergo, I love to act! I also like big words and spend large portions of my time writing fan fiction and original works. I'm a proud nerd and you'll probably see a plethora of posts related to my various obsessions!

Speaking of my obsessions, I love:
Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Mythbusters, Teen Titans, the Inheritance Cycle, Syfy's Alice, and other wonderful things that I can't think of right now!

FYI: Most of the images and GIFs aren't mine.

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Deleted Scene from Captain America: The First Avenger

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The Avengers new member isn’t quite what they were expecting 

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Thor, God of Thunder Hunger

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I guess, im never gonna let go…ever :’(


I guess, im never gonna let go…ever :’(

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Texts from domina-domina-omnimalum


Texts from domina-domina-omnimalum

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((I made another thing. Now back to your regularly scheduled hiatus.))

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